I am Abhishek Srivastava, an undergraduate student pursuing computer science engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology. I am passionate about software engineering and related technologies, and have been involved in the domain since past 4 years. From my initial years of Engineering, I have been developing technical solutions to target common day-to-day problems. Throughout this period, I have been showcasing my projects and Learning on LinkedIn and GitHub. My experience includes working at BeofUse as Full stack developer - intern, at SurverSparrow as Product Developer Intern and at Songdew as an SDE Intern. I was selected as Developer Students Club Lead by Google. As a lead, I have formed a community of 1200+ student developers. I was selected by Google as Developer Students Club Lead among 4000+ university student. As a lead, I coordinated and conducted more than 20 events in a year and formed a community of 1200+ student developers. I also started a technical blog and have been a part of 7 different publications on medium. Also, I have been a mentor at GSSoC’20 and GSSoC’21 where I maintained open-source projects and helped naive developed to contribute, learn and grow.

Editor of GDSCVITBhopal
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